ceramic ferrule for stud welding

Ceramic ferrule for stud welding is formulated with cordierite.and by molding and forming,sintering,etc.Ceramic ferrules is made by dry press(die press).

This kind of weld stud ferrules is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer,building bridge,building railway,large power plant,plane depot that needs wide span.

when make arc stud welding,shear connector and base metal will melt,ceramic ferrule for stud welding will prevent the high temperature metal liquids from leakage. you know,stud welding ferrule can endure very high temperature ,so that they can be cooled and formed, and the welding quality can be improved.

And our ceramic ferrules for stud welding has many advantages,such as Precise design and strict tolerance,Good concentricity and consistency,Good apprearance,Good thermal conductivity function,Environmental Protection,high impact strength and breakdown strength,?good stability, high fireproof, non-deformable.

ceramic ferrule

ceramic ferrule for stud welding

ceramic ferrules for stud welding

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