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Alumina Ceramic

high alumina ceramic

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High alumina ceramic is durable wear-resistant materials with exceptional mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties. Fabricating with these ceramics allows you to produce insulators, substrates and components for high power electronics applications. Injection molding is the preferred technique for producing alumina ceramic products due to the vast selection of component design choices it offers. First, experts develop and produce necessary injection molding tools.

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alumina ball

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Alumina ball has many kinds for different application.One kind of alumina ball is an abrasive media used for faster grinding and precise processing of ceramic raw materials and glaze materials in cement, enamel, and glasswork factories. Their wear resistance outshines natural flint or pebbles a lot.And the price is competitive with long service life.

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alumina ceramic nozzles

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Alumina Ceramic nozzles are mainly used in welding machines, parts of welding and cutting equipment, tig welding, have good insulation performance.

Alumina nozzles are not easy to wear and resist acid and alkali. This kind of alumina ceramic insulator produced by our company is high purity, alumina content of not less than 95%, high refractoriness, good sealing performance and strong hardness.

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alumina ceramic substrate

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99.6% alumina ceramic substrates are most often used in thin film applications and are commonly called as thin film Ceramic substrates. In the as-fired time, flatness, surface imperfections, thickness tolerances and surface finish may not meet required conditions of sensitive applications.

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