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Boron Carbide Ceramic

Boron Carbide Powder

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Boron carbide powder is an economical abrasive used for grinding and polishing hard alloy tools, parts and components. Additionally, it can be utilized for machining and cutting various metals.Sintering requires the material to shrink, which makes maintaining very close tolerances challenging.

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Boron carbide in ballistic ceramics

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Boron carbide is an important wear-resistant and high hardness structural ceramic material in new ceramics. As boron and carbon are non-metallic elements, and the atomic radius is close to the combination of different from the general gap compounds, so boron carbide ceramics have a high melting point, ultra-high hardness, low density, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and many other unique properties, in the field of national defence, nuclear energy, aerospace, machinery, abrasion-resistant technology, is increasingly showing its broad prospects for the development of applications.

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boron carbide nozzle

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The features of boron carbide nozzles is as follows: super hard and wear resistant, do not react with acid and alkali , high temperature and high pressure resistant, high quality boron carbide ensure the density of more than 2.48g/cm3.

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