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different function of silicon carbide ceramic for different process way

The results show that SiC ceramics with sintered silicon carbide, hot pressing sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering and reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic have different properties. For sintered density and flexural strength, SiC ceramics sintered by hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing are relatively more and the reaction bonded SiC is relatively low.

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alumina ceramic nozzles

Alumina Ceramic nozzles are mainly used in welding machines, parts of welding and cutting equipment, tig welding, have good insulation performance.

Alumina nozzles are not easy to wear and resist acid and alkali. This kind of alumina ceramic insulator produced by our company is high purity, alumina content of not less than 95%, high refractoriness, good sealing performance and strong hardness.

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zirconia ceramic screws

Most screws are made of steel. But high temperatures or acidic environments take their toll on this otherwise stable material. The alternative is ceramic screws.Zirconia ceramic screw are one of the most thermally resistant screws available.We can make zirconia screws according to your requirement.

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Zirconia Ceramic Plunger

Zirconia ceramic plunger has a liquid non-polluting, high precision, long service life,Pharaceutical, food cosmetic industry’s highest hygiene and health standards,Inert chemical stability, acid, corrosion resistance, high temperature.Hard and wear-resistant, particle release is extremely small, long service life for zirconia plunger.

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