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zirconia ceramic screws

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Most screws are made of steel. But high temperatures or acidic environments take their toll on this otherwise stable material. The alternative is ceramic screws.Zirconia ceramic screw are one of the most thermally resistant screws available.We can make zirconia screws according to your requirement.

Due to their outstanding thermal resiustance, zirconia ceramic screws are geared for the most demanding high temperature applications. They also have outstanding corrosion resistance and are highly chemically resistant to acids, solvents, and salts. Additionally, zirconia ceramic screws find many uses in high voltage applications due to their non-conductive electrical properties.

Production methodology differs from metal screw production, so some variation is normal. Our zirconia screw are in accordance with ISO standards.zirconia ceramic screw are used in applications where conventional metal or plastic components will not work. They are strong, rigid, non-magnetic and operate at high temperature and in corrosive environments for zirconia ceramic screws.

zirconia ceramic screws