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Silicon nitride ceramic plunger

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Silicon nitride ceramic plunger has a very high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance, more than 7~12 times the service life than metal plunger.

As the core part of the plunger pump, silicon nitride ceramic piston is widely used in the electric power, ceramics, petroleum, food, medical, textile, chemical industry and other industries on the plunger pump to replace the metal plunger.

Si3N4 ceramic plunger not only?can greatly improve the crude oil production, but also greatly reduce the cost of heavy oil production.

The silicon nitride ceramic plunger produced by our company is made of cold isostatic pressing and unique assembly to ensure excellent performance and never fall off.

Production scope of Si3N4 ceramic piston of our company: diameter from 3mm to 150mm ,length from 10mm to 300mm

Silicon nitride ceramic plunger