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Boron nitride insulation ring

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The boron nitride ceramic has high heat resistance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent electrical performance, and easy processing properties ,make it applicable to various needs of rapid heating equipment.

such as insulator electric and plasma arc and high frequency high voltage insulator of various heaters, heating tube and high temperature, high frequency and high voltage insulation?radiating component, and avoids the use of corundum material easily broken in the process of?high temperature .Boron nitride insulation ring is used in High thermal shock resistant vacuum / atmosphere furnace.

1.the graphite electrode is used in the vacuum furnace, and the graphite electrode is separated from the heating chamber wall.

2.BN ceramic is high temperature resistance, good insulation, thermal shock resistance, good arc resistance, long service life!

3.BN ceramics is used in graphite electrodes penetrate through the wall of the heating chamber, and the arc resistance is much higher than that of the corundum ceramics, which can not melt and deform!

Boron nitride ring