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Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle

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Boron Nitride nozzles is a refractory ceramic with low expansion and high thermal conductivity, making it the ideal choice where thermal shock and resistance to molten metals are critical.It’s very easy to be machined to custom design with precision and tight tolerance because of its machinability.

BN nozzle can be long-term used at 1800 degrees under vacuum atmosphere. With gas protection, Boron Nitride ceramics can be used at 2100 °C. BN ceramic is with high thermal shock resistance, no cracks under extreme cold & high temperature. If you take out Boron Nitride ceramic nozzle from 1000 degree-furnace and cooling it within short minutes. this kind of boron nitride ceramic still won’t break even repeat this test with 100 times.Boron Nitride nozzle is often used in metal process for metal atomizing including various precious metal like gold, platinum, silver, etc

Boron Nitride Ceramic Nozzle