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alumina ceramic nozzles

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Alumina Ceramic nozzles are mainly used in welding machines, parts of welding and cutting equipment, tig welding, have good insulation performance.

Alumina nozzles are not easy to wear and resist acid and alkali. This kind of alumina ceramic insulator produced by our company is high purity, alumina content of not less than 95%, high refractoriness, good sealing performance and strong hardness.

Alumina ceramic have low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high insulation strength, high volume resistivity, good bending strength, high stability, high pressure strength and good cold and heat shock. It is mainly made of 95% AL2O3 material. Its characteristics have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and so on. This kind of alumina insulator are widely used in machinery and army Industry, automobile, electronics, chemical industry, textile and other industries.

alumina ceramic nozzles