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alumina ceramic beads

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Alumina ceramic beads enjoys high temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient thermal conductivity and heat transfer.Aluminum oxide beads is made of 95% alumina ceramics,the highest temperature can be up to 1650 °C.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, the alumina ceramic beads is widely used as components of ceramic heating pad at operation of pre- and post-weld heat treatment, welding process, stress-relieving, ship-building, other heat-resistance-environment.The ceramic pad heater which is made by alumina beads has many advantages such as Reduce worktime,Highest Quality materials,Highly Durable,Extended Life,Reduce annual repair costs.
alumina ceramic beads

alumina ceramics

Also we make below alumina beads which is made by alumina ceramic,also can be called alumina ceramic beads.

Alumina Fish Spine Beads

alumina beads

alumina filler ball

activated alumina beads