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about boron carbide ceramic process way

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The sintered boron carbide ceramic can produce complex shaped products, but often resulting in excessive grain growth and porosity of 3-7Vol.%.The strength and toughness of the material are low (σf<300 MPa,KIC≤3 MPa·m1/2).High density and high mechanical properties for boron carbide ceramic can be obtained by hot pressing sintering technology.

Hot pressing sintering causes particles to grow and Rearrangement and flow due to high pressure on high temperature , resulting in grain creep and volume diffusion.These can get High density and high strength B4C ceramics.

With the development of sintering technology, the superiority of boron carbide ceramic is more.High temperature, high speed, strong corrosive medium and other working environments have special characteristics,and has potential applications in many fields.Also Boron carbide nozzle is used in many fields,we can make according to your requirement.