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silicon carbide foam

silicon carbide foam is a low-density permeable material with many applications. Common examples include insulation, pollution absorption and filtering of molten metal alloys.our SiC foam offers the exceptional hardness, high temperature durability and performance characteristics of solid silicon carbide in a lightweight foam structure – properties highly sought-after by industries such as aerospace, defense and semiconductor manufacturing.

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recrystallized sic

Silicon carbide boasts exceptional corrosion resistance and strength even at very high temperatures, making it suitable for slip casting, extrusion, or injection molding processes to shape various forms.

recrystallized silicon carbide is an ideal solution for carrying structure frames used in tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, down-fired kilns and other industrial high temperature kilns. recrystallized sic improves oxidation resistance of kilns while saving energy consumption.

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aluminum nitride substrate

aluminum nitride ceramic is a dense technical ceramic that can be difficult to work with. Therefore, it is often combined with Shapal Hi M Soft or boron nitride in order to improve mechanical properties and make machining simpler.Hard and with superior thermal and electrical conductivity, beryllium oxide offers great thermal and electrical conductivity as well as low expansion coefficient and resistance to oxidation. A safe alternative to beryllium oxide for semiconductor applications.

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recrystallized silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a tough ceramic material renowned for its strength and thermal performance. Additionally, it exhibits excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and boasts good corrosion and wear-resistance characteristics.recrystallized silicon carbide is one kind of silicon carbide ceramic.unique properties of recrystallized silicon carbide make it a highly adaptable refractory ceramic material.

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