boron carbide nozzle

The features?of Boron carbide ceramic nozzle is as follows: super hard and wear?resistant, do not react?with acid and alkali , high temperature and high pressure?resistant, high quality boron carbide? ensure the density of more than 2.48g/cm3.

The micro hardness of B4C ceramics is larger than 3500kgf/mm2, the bending strength is more than 400Mpa, the melting point is 2450 centigrade. Boron carbide ceramic is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile, aerospace, military, nuclear energy and other industrial fields, such as boron carbide nozzle, sealing ring, bulletproof film, widely used in the technical field of spraying, sealing, drawing, casting, protection, anti-corrosion, industrial measurement etc. boron carbide nozzle

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